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Rebecca teaches aligned vinyasa yoga including the universal principles of alignment which create exceptional strength and freedom. She blends therapeutic knowledge with spiritual wisdom to create an uplifting practice that keeps your body safe and mind open. She believes in meeting you right where you are and teaching you how to bring yoga to your body instead of pushing your body into yoga. She is passionate about teaching students how to love themselves completely by opening to the truth of who they really are, with yoga.



One of Clia’s teen students once said, “You never don’t feel better after yoga”.  This double negative but perfectly stated feeling is what shes loves so much about practicing and teaching yoga. The benefits of yoga and meditation are immense, and Clia teaches in order to share them while introducing more calm, clarity and connection of mind, body and spirit. She believes that through our yoga and mindfulness practices we can learn to be more present, attentive and aware, to live our lives authentically and to “never not feel better”.

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